The cult of Saint Fermin

As part of the annual series of conferences organised by the municipal and community archives of Amiens Métropole, Aurélien André, archivist and librarian of the Diocese of Amiens, will present a lecture on the celebrations of the 800 years of the cathedral.

Saint Fermin is traditionally seen as the founder of the church of Amiens. Originally from Pamplona, he came to our city at the end of the 3rd century. He became a martyr during the persecutions by Diocletian at the start of the 4th century; his body was buried outside of the city walls, in the necropolis located along the road to Soissons. It was under Saint Sauve’s tenure as bishop (600-615) that the relics of Firmin Martyr were found, at the location of the current Abbey of Saint-Acheul.

Several events celebrating the patron saint of the Diocese of Amiens still regulate the local liturgical calendar: 10 October is Saint Sauve’s first entrance into the city, 25 September is when he was made a martyr and 13 January is when his relics were found.

During the conference, you will find out more about the ceremonies that were held inside the cathedral from the Middle Ages until the end of the modern period: liturgies, processions and cult of relics. The decorations of the cathedral and other churches in Amiens (Saint-Acheul, Saint-Firmin-le-Martyr, Saint-Firmin-à-la-Porte) reflect the significance of such devotion. Their purpose was to prepare the faithful to prayer and contemplation. During the conference, you will find out how one of the gates and two fences of the choir, dedicated to Saint Fermin, would invite pilgrims to worship the relics that were kept in the shrine behind the altar.

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Espace Dewailly
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On 01/13/2020
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The conference starts at 6:15pm
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Amiens Métropole
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