Nota Bene - Cathédral 2020

Nota Bene, the history Youtuber with over one million subscribers, is dedicating an entire video to Amiens Cathedral !

Benjamin Brillaud, the famous history Youtuber in France with over one million subscribers to the Nota Bene channel, is passionate about history. He approaches topics in his own, unique style, to the delight of his community! His captivating voice, candid straight-talk and manifest appetite for sincerity and curiosity are the magical ingredients of his Nota Bene channel.

In partnership with Somme Tourisme and Amiens Métropole, Nota Bene and his team visited Amiens Cathedral and produced a video tracing the last 800 years of our beloved landmark. Going through the cathedral’s beginnings right up to today, they highlight the milestones in its life including its colour restoration, various renovation works as well as both world wars it witnessed.

This video will be released on the 9th December on Nota Bene’s YouTube channel. It will be a wonderful discovery for those who do not yet know about Amiens Cathedral and will also enable those already under its spell to admire it with fresh eyes.

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On 12/09/2019
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Somme Tourisme et Amiens Métropole
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