Drawings of Amiens Cathedral

François-Xavier LEGENNE, prize-winner of the Grand Prix de Rome, is a painter and a designer. He has made many sketches and drawings of this architectural gem that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are honoured to be exhibiting his work for the first time.

“When I draw Amiens Cathedral, words like space, beauty, harmony, immensity, light and shadow pop into my mind. This process makes me reflect on the description of the philosopher Gaston Bachelard in his exquisite book THE POETRY OF SPACE: my cathedral of silence”.

François-Xavier Legenne is the architect behind the Halles and the Carmel chapel in Amiens.

His passion for sketching started outside of architect schools. Just as with Viollet-le-Duc and Le Corbusier, François-Xavier Legenne learnt to sketch during his travels. Drawing is possibly the best way to discover, understand and love the masterpieces of architecture.

Through drawing, François-Xavier Legenne came to know all the greatest architects of the twentieth century: Le Corbusier with notably Chandigarh in India (1953), the Ronchamp chapel (1955) and the convent of La Tourette (1957) - both in France. Alvaar Aalto in Finland, Mies van der Rohe and his famous German Pavilion of Barcelona (1929), Oscar Niemeyer and Cathedral of Brasi­lia (1970) and Richard Neutra in California. And one François-Xavier Legenne particularly admired: Louis Kahn with the Exeter Library, USA (1972), Kimbell Art Museum, USA (1972) and Ahmedabad University, India (1974).

Legenne's last creation was the high altar of the transept of Amiens Cathedral completed in 2011, likely to have inspired the artist to continue these adventures and travels in architecture through his sketches. Over 70 drawings will be unveiled at the Maison de l’Architecture Hauts-de-France.

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