Cathédrale d'Amiens - MISCELLANÉES - Regards contemporains

Contemporary art exhibition presented by Collectif Élidée to the Departmental Archives of the Somme as part of the Cathedral’s octocentenary celebrations

To mark the 800th year since Amiens Cathedral was first built, the Departmental Archives of the Somme have invited contemporary artists to hold a bespoke exhibition on their premises. In accordance with their statutes, the exhibition will involve four artists from Collectif Élidée as well as a guest-artist (residing and working in Uzès in the Gard region).

This initiative will be carried out in partnership with the Departmental Archives of the Somme who will share documents in resonance with the creations .
Through the plurality of styles, the collective will invite us to cast a contemporary eye on this national heritage monument. Such diversity will attract a large variety of audiences who will have the chance to take part in many cultural mediation activities both for the general public and for specific groups. The collective is thereby contributing to the development of a collaborative culture as well as artistic and cultural education.

The creations will use various medium including sculpture, drawing, video, collage, assemblage, ceramics and photography.

Tags : exposition
Location :
Archives départementales de la Somme
Schedule :
From 09/20/2020 to 12/17/2020
Schedule Detail :
Exhibition open from monday to thursday, 9am to 5pm
Organized by :
La Maison de la Culture d'Amiens
Pricing :
Registration Procedures :
Wearing a mask is mandatory