Under the high patronage of
Mr Emmanuel MACRON
President of the French Republic


Amiens Cathedral
celebrates its 800th year

For 800 years, Amiens Cathedral has been watching over Picardie’s historic capital. It stands out amongst the urban landscape, along with the Auguste Perret belfry and tower, and catches your eye as you approach Amiens. Marking the anniversary of its foundation stone, 2020 will be sparkling with events celebrating this octocentenary.

Amiens Cathedral,
the largest cathedral in France

Construction began in 1220. Bishop Evrard blessed this diocese under the reign of King Louis, King of France and son of Philippe the Wise. The first architect was Master Robert de Luzarches. He was followed by Thomas de Cormont, himself followed by his son Renaud de Cormont who had the following inscription made in 1288. (Translation of the inscription on the foundation stone of the labyrinth)

As the largest cathedral in France with an internal volume close to 200,000 m3, ...

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